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How to Develop iPhone apps Effectively

How to develop iPhone apps free advice

The process whilst learning how to develop iPhone apps is not as hard nor as simple as some people might think.  I am not a programmer,and don't want to be one either but I want to see if I could teach myself how to develop an iPhone app.  This blog  features and explains a proven process about  an app tutorial that can make iPhone applications. There are children as yous as 9 doing this so there isn't an excuse for you not to become successful. If they can do it, surely the rest of us can, too!

Have a unique idea for an app?  There are, as you probably know, thousands of phone apps out there. To put things into perspective there are over one hundred million iPhone app users out there.  Consider these few of points when learning how to develop iPhone apps. So what makes an app stand out?  Why would anyone want to use your app?  Why would they pay money for it if you are going to charge?

For you to have at least a standing start in the iPhone app development business there is likely to be someone out there in the app world who has already developed an app that is very similar to yours. It goes without saying that although your app concept might not be totally unique your finished app idea has to be a better option for download than your competition.

That doesn't mean to say that your iPhone app concept has to be more complicated or more in depth and therefore more expensive to produce. You can read thousands of blogs on the internet that advertise iPhone apps that come with bells and whistles.  People or would-be iPhone app developers like you and I assume just because an app has thousands of features that it is better.  

This is definitely not true. IF the app you are competing against costs a fortune to download then it will probably come with the above mentioned bells and whistle.  So what your app might be simpler to use and does exactly what it is supposed even though it might only provide two functions. Your app is better because you don’t have to trawl through 200 screens to get the app to do what you want it too.

To see how you can learn, simply follow the link. How to develop iPhone apps. 

Building iPhone apps - the process

When building your iPhone app there is a process you must learn to get it created properly. Please don't think you can just dive straight in and achieve success this does take time and to avoid unnecessary disappointment you should follow a known proven working process when building your iPhone apps.

Step 1 - Firstly you have to come up with your own app idea. I mentioned above that it is a good idea to check out the competition for similar apps in your niche. When coming up with your idea try and stick to a niche or subject that you are familiar with. Read the reviews and carry out some back research of similar apps. 

See what they are lacking and improve on their failure. You can do this by reading customer reviews and it pays you in the long run if you do your background checks properly. You hay at this stage when you have completed your reviews to reformulate your app idea slightly to focus on something your competition has missed.  When building your iPhone app keep your idea simple and above all your app must be easy to use.

Step 2 - Sketch out your idea on how you want your app to look and how it is going to work.
Do not over complicate the issue. People want things to be easy and visual rather than in a text format. The easier to operate and function  the better. When sketching this idea out it does not have to be a masterpiece. You can easily do this yourself and you don't have to be Picasso to do it. Remember keep it simple.

If your app has one or two functions that's good as the sketching process is simplified and you are a lot less likely to rum into development problems later on. Get this phase right first before moving on to the next steps.

To see more select the link on building iPhone apps

How to create an iPhone app - exposed

Previously you have seen advice on ho to create an iPhone app with steps one and two together with the  requirements of how to develop iPhone apps at the beginning of this blog. You have also seen the links provided to learn a little more on where and how you can be exposed to excellent training material. Here in this section on how to create an iPhone app I will try and explain the next few important steps you must take to get your app into the app store so you can start making money.

Step 3 - Submit your app to a low cost developer if you have no idea just like me on how to program. When you get to this stage you have already done all the hard work. Plus you have kept your initial costs down if you have done your competition homework properly by yourself. And you have implemented steps one and two by sketching out you iPhone app plan.

If you have done all this properly you will have to submit the programming aspect to a programmer or you can spent the thousands of hours doing the required learning on how to program. There are plenty of programmers available and willing to do this for you.  All you have to do if find a trusted source. (Follow the link below for more info)

Step 4 - Submit your app to the app store where Apple will perform a rigorousness test to see if it meets their requirements. This is a waiting game but to be honest there is no need to panic if you have followed the previous steps properly. This is where your app will triumph and once you put the creative steps into practice and completed each step properly then there is no need to worry about this stage.  If however you have rushed into this and not done your research properly plus you have over complicated your app and not got an entrusted programmer to to the technical aspect you can end up in a world of hurt.

Step 5  -This is the last stage of the process once your app is in the app store. Just wait to get paid when people download it. Thant's it! Couldn't be easier really. You may want to give you app once it's in the app store a little more exposure such as blogging about it and sharing information on it on twitter etc but that is entirely up to you and out of focus within this blog.

To learn how to implement all the steps and requirements in one proven and trusted tutorial and actually start the process go to How to create an iPhone app.

Hope you have enjoyed this short blog it only remains for me to wish you every success in developing your iPhone app.

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